A Broken Moon... A Future in Doubt.

In this future-noir adventure game, you play as Violet, an agent who hunts down those who commit the crime of using high technology. Welcome to the City at the end of the world. Part 3 coming soon to Steam.

Case Summary

Humanity has lost the war against the Selenon, strange beings who awoke from the dark side of the Moon. Now, the Bureau of Human Protection presides over the last vestiges of the human race. The Selenon have forged a mysterious pact - halt all technological progress or be annihilated.

Violet is an agent of SPECTRA, and one of the City's few psychics - humans who were granted the powers of the Selenon. She and her partner Blue have been given a new assignment - find the culprit of a murder. It seems clear-cut, but things are never that easy... especially when they involve the New Moon Resistance, a group of freedom fighters who want to stop the Selenon at any cost.

Trapped between duty and desire, Violet is drawn into a race against time to discover the ultimate fate of humanity, which is inextricably linked to something called "Moonshot"...

Bureau Informants